Thursday, March 1, 2012

time to go.

Our last class at UniSG is journalism. The professor thought the introduction to my piece had too much “tone” and that the language was a bit “strong.” I think it was a nice way of saying, “you sound like a huge bitch.” But isn’t that what he wanted, to tell a story like we were talking to our friends? Yes, I say “fuck” that much in casual conversation. It's my voice.

Instead, he’s looking for a discussion locality and authenticity.


In my current sleep-deprived and completely stressed-out state, I wrote this:

I was looking for the supposedly most authentic taste of Tuscany. It was an impossible quest, but through the journey I found much more.

And then part of my soul died. I didn’t think I was ready to leave Bra. But if this is all I have left, then it’s time I get the fuck out of here. Oh, pardon me. I mean it’s time to depart.

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